About Me

Welcome to rajlama.com.np! I'm Raj Rumba, the administrator of this blog/website. Here, you'll find a wealth of computer tips, tricks, programming codes, and web building codes—all available to you for free.

My journey in the realm of technology has been enriched by completing several notable computer courses. From mastering Oracle Database Administration to honing my skills in  Laravel Framework, PHP, React, Java Spring Boot and Computer Hardware and Networking, I've cultivated a diverse range of expertise. Additionally, my proficiency in Graphics Design using Photoshop and Video Editing adds a creative flair to my skill set. Complementing these technical skills, I hold a Diploma in Office Management and possess proficiency in Tally ERP 9.

With this comprehensive skill set and a passion for sharing knowledge, I'm dedicated to providing valuable insights and resources to empower individuals in their tech endeavors. Stay tuned for regular updates and enrich your digital journey with rajlama.com.np!