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    MS-Word Quick Tip 2

    • There are two types of scroll bar: Horizontal and vertical.
    • Positioning the text in an order is alignment. Different types of alignments are : left (ctrl+l), right (ctrl+r), centre (ctrl+e) and justify (ctrl+j).
    • The Ruler is used to change the formatting of your document faster.
    • A tab is a pre-defined cursor (insertion pointer) position. When a tab key is pressed the cursor moves (jumps) to that position on the same line.
    • There are two types of close buttons: document close (ctrl+w) and application close (alt+F4).
    • Save is the process of storing data from primary memory (RAM) to secondary storage (Hard Disk).
    • The file extension of the word document is .doc.
    • A gap between two vertical lines is called line spacing.
    • There are three methods to create a new document: File>New, Ctrl+N and New button on standard toolbar.
    • Save As (F12) converts into other file formats.
    • Save is used to save the document at the first time which is not saving yet and save as is used to save the document in the second time which is already saved.
    • Template is a pre-designed framework that determines the basic structure of a document.
    • The file extension of word template is .dot.
    • Template stores graphics, text, style, macros, customized word command setting, and auto text entries.
    • There are 2 types of templates,
      1. Product/default/global template
      2. User default template.
    • There are three methods to print a document,
      1. File<Print
      2. Ctrl + P
      3. Print button on the standard toolbar.
    • Print to file prints document to a file instead of a printer.
    • A manual duplex enables printing a document on both sides of the paper.
    • Default Page range is "All" which prints the entire document.
    • Collate is a method of printing sequences that prints the copies of the document in proper banding order.
    • Undo command (Ctrl+z / Alt+Back space) is used to undo or delete the last change made to the document.
    • Undo command can remember up to 300 actions in a document.
    • Cut (Ctrl+x, Shift+Delete) is used to remove the text or object and send it to the clipboard.
    • There are 4 methods to cut: Edit>Cut, Ctrl+x, Cut button on the standard toolbar, and Secondary key of mouse (Right Click).
    • Copy (Ctrl+c) is used to make duplicate text or object. Drag and drop is best for quick copy operation.
    • Paste (Ctrl+v) transfers a copy of clipboard to the destination or replaces any selection.
    • There are 4 methods to paste: Edit>Paste, Ctrl+v, Paste button on standard toolbar, and secondary key of Mouse (Right Click).
    • Paste special is used to paste the content in different format as it has been cut or copied.
    • Office clipboard is used to temporarily store items that have been cut or copied. The clipboard can hold twenty-four (24) items.
    • A table is a grid of rows and columns.