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    MS-Word MCQ 2

    Note: Click on the options. Blue Color indicates correct and Red Color indicates wrong answer.

    1. What is the shortcut key for normal view in word?

    2. What is the shortcut key for footnote action in word?

    3. Which of the following entity belongs to word processing?

    4. Which key is used to active the menu?

    5. MS-Word allows creation of ...... type of document by default.

    6. Which shortcut keys you will use to select all the text after current cursor position?

    7. Which of the following is not a type of tab stop?

    8. Which of the following is the least version of Microsoft Word?

    9. What is word processor?

    10. You can insert clip art from

    11. You can delete text by a

    12. The default margin set up found in MS-Word is

    13. Latest version of MS word is

    14. How many types of tab alignment are there?

    15. Which key deletes text before, or to the left of the insertion point?

    16. Rectulangular box created by the insertion of row and column is known as

    17. To view smaller text on the screen you can

    18. In print preview you can

    19. Footer is...

    20. A ... is a set of unified design elements and colored schemes for background images, bullets, fonts and other documents elements

    21. The .... key causes the cursor to jump several positions of characters

    22. Which of the following is not a tab stop alignment?

    23. The default size of header and footer is

    24. What is the minimum zoom size of Microsoft Word?

    25. Word insert a formula as

    26. Which of the following is not an editing view?

    27. Which of the following item is not a default setting?

    28. To select a whole sentence at once

    29. Which of the following shortcut key is used for a bookmark?

    30. Which of the following shortcut key is used to insert endnotes?