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    Motherboard, Motherboard Components and Its Functions

    Posted on 2021-04-26

    Motherboard is also one of the important parts of the CPU. It is a Main circuit board. Motherboard connects all the parts of CPU. Motherboard Consist of Processor Socket, RAM slots, PCI slots, AGP slot, IDE connectors and Ports.

    Every motherboard has connectors and slots to connect all the remaining parts of CPU. Here the list of all the slot and connector of motherboard.

    • CPU Socket
    • South Bridge
    • AGP Slot
    • CNR Slot
    • Primary and Secondary IDE Connectors
    • Power Connector   
    • CMOS Battery
    • North Bridge
    • RAM Slots
    • PCI Slots
    • Floppy Connector
    • SATA Connectors
    • BIOS
    • Ports

    CPU Socket
    CPU Socket or Processor Socket. Which is used to install or insert the processor. We have two types of sockets. LIF sockets and ZIF socket. LIF stands for Low Insertion Force, this is the old model sockets and ZIF stands for Zero Insertion Force, this is the present model sockets.

    North Bridge
    North Bridge is always near the processor socket. which is one of the important component of a motherboard. It is a focal Point of Motherboard and It is also called as Memory Controller Hub. North Bridge interconnects Processor socket, RAM slots and AGP slot. here Gigabyte chip is north bridge it is near Processor socket.

    South Bridge
    North bridge and south bridge are the two main poles of a motherboard. South Bridge interconnects Primary and Secondary IDE interfaces, SATA connectors, Floppy Drive Connector, PCI slots and BIOS.

    RAM Slots
    RAM slots are used to insert RAMs. there are so many types of ram slots. they are SD ram slots, DDR ram slots, DDR2 and DDR3 ram slots. SD stands for synchronize Dynamic and DDR Stands for Double Data Rate.

    AGP slot
    AGP slots are used to insert or install AGP Cards. AGP full form is Accelerated Graphics Port. This slot is for graphics and 3d gaming purpose. it is always beside the PCI slots

    PCI slots
    PCI slots are used to Insert or install Add-on cards, such as LAN cards, Sound cards, Capture cards and TV tuner cards. PCI full form is Peripheral Component Interconnect.

    Floppy Drive Connector
    Floppy Drive Connector is used to connect floppy drives. It supports two floppy drives. so that A and B drives are reserved for two floppy drives in My computer. it has 32 pins.

    Primary and Secondary IDE Interfaces
    Primary and Secondary IDE interfaces are also called as IDE connectors or PATA connectors. IDE full form is Integrated Device Electronics. it supports IDE devices, such as Hard disks and CD and DVD drives.

    SATA Connectors
    SATA connectors are also called as Serial ATA connectors. SATA full form is Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. These are connect with serial ATA devices, such as Hard disk drives and CD or DVD drives.

    Power Connector
    This power connector is ATX power connector. it has 20 or 24 pin connector. mother takes the power from this connector to work.

    BIOS stands for Basic input and Output system. This is also one of the important chips. it conducts the POST (Power On Self Test).

    CMOS battery
    There is a battery in the motherboard, which is used to power the south bridge and the BIOS to save the setting, data and time.

    Ports are used to connect input and output devices. they are attached and come with motherboard and they are in backside of CPU.