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    Download Preeti Font and Keyboard Layout (PDF)

    Posted on 2021-01-29

    Preeti is the first and most popular Nepali font designed and developed by Bhadrakali Mishra.  It resembles the Times New Roman of Nepali text style with the goal that We can say it's a default Nepali textual style. It a straightforward and clear to composing. If you want to download this font click on the download font button as given below. 

    Download Font

    To Install Preeti Font 

    1. Press Win + R Key for run dialog box 

    2. In Run command box type 'fonts' without quotes

    3. Copy the downloaded Preeti font and paste it into fonts folder

    Now you can use Preeti font on your computer.

    Now, To Download Preeti font keyboard layout click on the download layout. Keyboard layout will be download in PDF format. 

    Download Keyboard Layout